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Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Helping your pet be happier, one service at a time!

Paw Pawz will be re-opening July  6, 2020 for Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Behavioral Consulting Services. 

Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Covid -19 Policy/Statement

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

1. Only Debbie Zurowski, owner/operator will be permitted in vehicle used for dog walking/pet sitting during hours of operation. Vehicle is sanitized daily.

2. Physical distancing of 2 meters will be maintained when picking dogs up and walking on the trails. I request that all clients maintain a 2-meter distance from me when picking up dogs, dropping dogs off or visiting pets. If unable to do this, please wear a mask.

3. I will sanitize my hands before and after entering a home to pick up a dog or pet sitting visit. I will wear a mask when entering a home to pick up a dog, drop off a dog and pet sitting visit. I will use a clean mask daily. I will wear freshly laundered dog walking/pet sitting attire every day.

Behavioral Consultation/Training

1. Wherever possible consultation/training will be done outside, or over video. As much information as possible will be obtained over email, to reduce time spent at your home.

2. Should I have to enter your home for consulting/training purposes I will sanitize my hands before and after the visit. I will be wearing a mask, and REQUEST YOU DO THE SAME, OR SERVICES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. I will be wearing freshly laundry attire to your home.


1. Should I not feel well, I will be cancelling services for the required amount of time and notify you of the same,  as soon as possible.

2. I will be keeping a logbook updated daily where I have provided services and who I have had contact with for contact tracing if required.